The Faculty consists of the following college and school

College of Economics and Management

The College offers ten full-time undergraduate programs in International Economics and Trade, Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management E-commerce, Finance, Tourism Management and Service Teacher Education, and Financial Accounting Teacher Education.

Among them, Financial Management and Business Administration are the key provincial majors under construction, and Accounting and Tourism management and Service Teacher Education are our university’s featured major. There are two postgraduate programs in Business Administration and Regional Economics and one MBA program, one is taught in Chinese for domestic students and international students, and the other is taught in English for international students. The College has one state-level experiment teaching center--the E-commerceExperimentTeachingCenter affiliated with the Liberal Arts Comprehensive Experiment Teaching Center. The College has signed agreements with over 50 companies for student internships.

The College has a strong research capacity with a key provincial discipline (Regional Economics) and a key University discipline (Business Administration). Five key University-sponsored research institutes are the Institute of Regional Economics, the Institute of Business Administration, the Center for Commerce and Marketing of Central Zhejiang Province, the Institute of Strategic Urban Development in Central Zhejiang, and the Center for Industrial Economics Research. There are also the Research Site of Zhejiang Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Bureau in CentralZhejiangProvince and the Institute of Jinhua Local Businessmen under the ZhejiangBusinessmenResearchCenter. In the past 5 years, the College’s faculty members have completed 20 state-level projects and 85 provincial-level projects and have published over 50 academic books, as well as more than 120 academic papers. Many of the scientific achievements have been valued and appreciated by state and provincial leaders and have won several Excellent Scientific Achievements awards from the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Provincial government.

The College’s students are known to own “broad knowledge, a solid foundation and practical skills,” and its graduates have been well received by their employers. Postgraduates and undergraduates have made remarkable achievements repeatedly in national and provincial competitions like the Challenge Cup of Entrepreneurial Design Competition, the Finance and Accounting Informatization Competition and E-commerce Competition. The first-time employment rate of graduates remains above 90% in successive years. The College strives to train first-class economics and managerial professionals for regional economic prosperity and the innovative development of enterprises.


China-Africa International Business School, ZhejiangNormal University was founded in November, 2010. With the aim to set up a world first class international business school, it characterizes itself with a special focus on Sino-African business and became the only African business education institute among universities in China.

CAIBS is characterized by economic trade and business administration. With the effort to set up the integration of personnel training, business consulting and academic research in school-running system, it is dedicated to training the professional personnel for international business and global business development, especially the leading China-Africa economic and trade cooperation, promoting the cooperation of China-Arica in economy and trade, education and human resource development. CAIBS makes the Positive contribution to world economy development and our nation’s Sino-Africa diplomatic strategy and social economic development

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